Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday - Feb. 1st 2010 - Pickleball sign up

As you saw before we are at Desert Shadows Western Horizon at Casa Grande.and is an ROD we can stay here for 2 weeks - no charge.:) In the club house there must have been 20 different sign up sheets and one was for PICKLEBALL on Mondays. Of course we put our names down...and showed up at 12:45 p.m. Just so happened that Ella, photo with Keith above, asked us if we know Judy and Lee!..Of Course...What a small world. Ella's hubby is Will...
There were some really close games and so much fun...we played from 1 to 4... here's Al, Marie, Jim and Red.
All new pickleball friends now.

This was the last game and Red really put the pressure on me...He was my partner and said he hadn't lost one game this we HAD to win.. and WE DID..he was so happy. This man has a pickleball court in his back yard at home in MI....even has LIGHTS so they can play at night. AND he provides the equipment for anyone to play when he's not there...WHAT A GUY!!!

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