Sunday, June 13, 2010

First week home in May - Work Work Work

Just one of the jobs that has to be done is the cleaning out of the gutters. The front of the house has had The Gutter Guy Guards installed...but not the back of the house. This job has to be done before we can put the shade clothe over the deck. I can't believe I got keith to smile....he HATES this job.. and is ALWAYS happy when it's finished.
We weren't home but a few days and I got sick.... can't figure that out. We were gone for 7 months and neither of us were ill... I wasn't sure if it was alergies or if I was really sick with something...that is until Keith got sick a week later. It really knocked us for a loop. Once we felt better, we still got tired so quickly.
Also, the first week we were home I found out that Dad had another mini stroke. He didn't have to tell me...I could see it in his eye. He said he is very dizzy, but that has continued since the stroke he had 4 years ago. He says at almost 84 years old..he's not going to the hospital so they can poke and prod at him. I think I understand...
Keith and I have taken Mom and Dad to our favorite Chinese Buffet and Michele and I took Dad to Shady Maple for his 84th Birthday Free Lunch on May 28th.

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