Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 2, 2010 - Pickleball and Meatloaf!!!

We knew that John and Carla were coming into Hershey so we planned this day to drive over and play some ball... it was a perfect day to wind, and a little overcast at first. It was humid but hey, you can't have everything... Carlton and Dawn invited us to visit with them after the morning of play.
Carlton took me up on using my camera. I don't usually get in any photos. The courts were lookin good and felt so good to play. We hadn't played since we left Conroe, TX..

Thanks again Carlton for the great photos...:)

Here's Karen, Nancy, and Tom... We sure had some good games... Several other players came but I didn't get their photo:(

I goofed and didn't get a picture of the GREAT looking meatloaf dinner we shared with Dawn and Carlton. It was a real team effort. I mixed my meatloaf recipe, Keith taught Dawn how to make his gravy...and Dawn made the mashed pot. and corn. When we were ready for dessert, Dawn brings out this choc. peanut butter pie...oh my gosh was it good.:) Sure did have fun. As always the day ended too quickly. We did manage to get home before dark... LET''S DO IT AGAIN!

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