Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 12, 2010 - First Daylily Bloom & Yard Photos

Some friends and family asked to see our yard and here are a few... The rain has made everything so lush and green....and most everything is blooming about a month ahead this year.

The first daylily to bloom is "James Spencer" given to me by Sandy L. last year from her collection. It's so beautiful...I wish they'd stay more than ONE DAY! That's why I have to take a picture of each one - so I can look at them on the computer any time I want.

The new additions to our yard are the play things we have for John..:) This area will be made into a new flower garden and the toys will be moved. We are moving ALL the plants that are close to the deck away from the deck... What a job this will be!!!!

We'll be moving the plants out to the new line of rocks...and there will be a walkway in front of the deck.
We have 1/3 of the digging completed as of Sunday June 13th. We worked until the rains came...and came...and really came. Tues might be the next time we work on it some more. I hope to keep a before and after photo log. More later...

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