Sunday, June 13, 2010

May 25th - Chaparoned for Brad's Orchestra

The Reading High School Orchestra was invited to play before the R-Phil's baseball game. Brad asked Keith and I to be at the stadium before 5 p.m. and pick up ALL the tickets.
We sat outside waiting for the buses to arrive...and while we sat there we couldn't help but think of ALL the times Keith and I played at this stadium when we were in Exeter High School Band. Keith played drums and I played trumpet. What great memories we have of those days. Our band was like a family, everyone taking care of each other.

Here are 2 R-Phil's pitchers answering questions from the fans before the game.

The orchestra played a medley of patriotic songs...on the field before the game. What a great bunch of kids...40 students and so well behaved. It was a pleasure to be with them.

Brad conducting as the TV crew video. It was a great game...Phil's won 7-1! The food was great too.

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