Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 9 & 10 - Fever

Got a call Tues night from Steve. John had a fever and couldn't go to school Wed. - Could we watch him from 7:30 til noon. SURE! We were glad to help out and John was so very good. You'd never know that he wasn't feeling well.
Steve called again Wed night and asked if we could watch John again on Thurs morning as he still had a fever...Of course we could help out. ...We made sure he kept drinking his water... He was such a trooper about not feeling well.

But you can see in his eyes that he's not feeling well...

I kept Steve's Fisher Price Garage from when he was little... Took it up to give John something new to play with and pass the time. He loved the garage and so did Papa:) Not happy that John didn't feel well, but happy to have time with him. He counts to ten, sings his ABC's, twinkle twinkle little star, the wheels on the bus, the itsy bitsy spider, and can say ANYTHING now. He'll be 2 in a few weeks.

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