Friday, March 19, 2010

3/12 - 3/20 Pickleball at Verde Valley, AZ

Keith, Carol, Dale, Dennis, and Barb having a happy hour tog. We met Barb and Dennis in Florida..
New players Carol and Dale from Washington State. Now new friends.

Keith, Keith Bisel, and Marie.... We FINALLY get to meet the other Keith... so often we heard about this Keith Bisel and what a wonderful teacher/player he is. We got to watch him teach new players first hand and it is quite amazing how patient and theatrical he is; making it so easy for beginners to understand and remember how to play pickleball. Most everyday there were new players waiting for his lessons at 11 a.m. My Keith played with and against Keith Bisel and it's just so awesome to watch how he can place the ball anywhere he wants with such ease. So, for those of you who don't doesn't matter what your size or age...It's HOW you play the game.:)

Oland and Marilee - More new friends. They've been full timers for 8 years and like the west so much they've decided to stay out here. BUT we might see them in Hershey this summer as they travel to PA to see their son.

Dennis and Barbara. I'm not sure how long these two have been full timin' it...but we've run into them in Fl. and now here. Hope to see them in Pa. this summer too. Dennis reminds Keith and me of our Brad when he plays ball...he's so tall and can reach just about any shot.

Bob and Julie...Full timers since 2005. The first day we walked on the court in Florida, there was Bob and Carlton.... It was after that day that Keith and I decided that this was our game and we could play this for as long as we want...and meet great people ....and have FUN. I think Bob and Julie like it out west too...but we hope that they decide to come east sometime!

It was so much fun playing with all these people....most mornings we had 2 courts going with enough to play 2 more courts ...waiting their turn. Oland went to a meeting of the manager and they've given $$ to redo the courts... How exciting! Oland is in charge of the volunteer crew to do the work on the courts...Everyone who is here will help with the labor and make a PARTY out of it. Today we heard that all the materials have been ordered and should arrive this coming week. We will be leaving here on Sunday morning 3/21 so we won't be here for the party...

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