Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20th, 2010 - Last Day of Pickleball

Two Keiths...mine on the left and Bisel on the right... They made a great team today! It's really hard to leave this beautiful place with so many great people...and good players. Hope to see everyone down the road.
Now Bisel on the left and my Keith serving. Of course they won!!!

New friend Richards...a very good player ...full timer for 2 years

New player - Kelly. She's having a great time...

Here's Sis...many of you know her. Paul is her husband....he plays pool, not so much pickleball.

John is a hoot...a new friend to us.

This is Tom....we think we played with him before, but now sure where...he's another good player

New player Phillip...

New player - Ray

Just met Linda...she hasn't been playing long...but was a tennis player

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Mark and Chris said...

Hi guys. Sure seeing lots of familiar faces there playing pickleball. No one playing here in Colorado River unfortunately. Heading for New Orleans next week.

Just a note about assigning a correct date to your blog entries. Look at the bottom left margin of your new entry form for "post options". If you click on that, you can enter any date you want for your entry's post date, past or future date even, instead of using blogger's default date. That way entries are all in proper chronological order. I found that feature about a month ago and it works great.

Looks like we are going to be in Florida next winter, Tanglewood RV in Sebring most likely. What are your plans?

Safe travels.