Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wed 2/17/2010 Cathedral Rocks, Sedona

We parked the car and started the walk back to Catheral Rocks. The long walk took us along this swiftly moving water. Barb and Bob told us that they haven't seen this much water for a very long time..It's because of all the snow and rain they've had in the mountains.

This is the pathway back to Cathedral Rocks. Bob and Keith were having a really good time tog.

Barb taking photos of Cathedral Rocks. The most photographed structure in Sedona.

Barb is kneeling by one of the many little piles of rocks...reminded Keith and me of snowmen. Really cute.

Again, Barb loving the trees... I had a great time photographing her all day.

This was a working mill many many years ago... Just a great photo opp.

This is where we parked the car....Oh, and you can use your senior pass for admission to the park.

I know this looks like Cathedral Rocks are close, but it's at least 1/2 mile walk til you are at the base.

One of the old charming buildings along the walk back to the rocks.

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