Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010 - Moving to TT Verde Valley AZ

This is supposed to be the last photo, so please read it last. This is section A with only 8 other RV's besides us! We have the place to ourselves right now. There are groups coming in on Thurs...
It rained all Sat. night into Sunday morning...but thankfully, it slowed enough for us to leave at 9 a.m. Harry and Karen were with us and thanks to Karen, I have these photos to share. As we traveled up 1-17 we saw the snow on the mountains and hoped that it would be much nicer weather in Cottonwood.

I just love that Karen got this shot.....it's a view that I wanted to have forever...it's so awesome. The rain has made the desert green...and with the blue sky and the snow on the mountains...well, you have to see it for yourself...

We pulled into the campground at 11 a.m....drove the mile and a half back to section A near the pickleball courts and parked. The resort is nestled along the Verde River, with the Red Rocks to the North, Mingus Mountains to the West, and the Hackberry Mountains to the South.

This is the view to the South.

Larry was only about 10 min. behind us as he was coming here too. He and puppy Lilly are parked on the right....We are facing the camera and Harry and Karen are right next to us.

Shortly after we got set up it rained again, but only for a little while and the sun came out and...what a beautiful rainbow!

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