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Feb. 2010 - Senior Pickleball Week with FRIENDS

Here we are at Wayne and Nancy's RV and outdoor living area at Happy Trails. We met them at Hershey playing p-ball several years ago. They had us over several times during this week in Sun City AZ...

Forgive the miss order of some of these photos... I hope you will enjoy seeing so many of our friends. Karen and Marti are enjoying some wine before our turkey dinner at Wayne and Nancy's .

From left to right...Norman, Jettye and Bob... Jettye and Bob were the organizers and ran everything at the Senior Games for the whole week...They deserve so much credit for how smoothly everything ran. Over 350 participants played in the games this year. Personally, I don't know HOW THEY DO IT ALL!...

Harry and Marti enjoying the turkey dinner Nancy made for us.

Everyone was enjoying the dinner and each other.. Keith and I love being outdoors as most of you know...This was just fascinating to us - from the floors to the heating, the dishwasher, 4 seating areas...well, it just had everything you can think of. Nancy and Wayne live here til it gets too hot in AZ (120 degrees) then they go to their other home in Montana.. Can't blame them.

The Senior Games were played here at Marinette Rec. Center. There were at leasts 16 courts going at all times with a few for practice.

As we drove in on Sunday morning going to Paradise RV resort we passed Bob and Jettye's RV and knew right away that we were in the right place.

Games went on all week starting on Sunday for novice thru the final day Sat... We saw some incredible players...and know that we have to keep practicing.! Ha. I particularly liked the merchants mall area. I bought a new paddle with some of my birthday money...also a guard for around the paddle, a visor and shirt....:)

You might remember John from Casa Grande photos. He and his partner, Ken, won the Bronze metals in their skill level of 3.0....WAY TO GO GUYS! They were awesome to watch.

John's wife, Pat, and her partner Joyce won Silver Metals in their skill level 3.5.. GO FOR THE GOLD GIRLS!
The 4 of them drove up from Casa Grande for their games on Wed. Most all our friends played that day. It kept us running from one court to another as their names were called over the sound system.

Can you tell we're always happy to see our friends from all over the country....and so many in one place at a time..

Larry played on Wed. too... He was staying at Sunflower RV resort. We hadn't seen him in about 2 years.

When we left Dawn and Carlton in Fl...they asked us to look for their very good friends Norman and Marti....We said we would and sure enough...Here we are. They are such a great couple and we can see why Dawn and Carlton miss them so much. They are GREAT pickleball players too.! We actually got to play with them over at Happy Trails before the turkey dinner.

Left to right: Harry, Karen, Me, Pat, Keith, and John... It was so good to see them again and glad they won metals... :)

Left to right: Keith, Carl, Norman and Harry.... Men talk!

We stayed one mile down the road from the games at a place called Paradise RV Resort. We used our Encore special to use the park at this time of year. Any other time we'd be able to come in on RPI...but we probably won't as they don't have any p-ball courts...Must be the ONLY park in this area that doesn't have courts...
Happy Trails has 1200 players... Sunflower has 850....and so on..

Harry and Karen are on the left...and we're on the right... The sites were nice and large...but like I said, no p-ball courts SOOOOO

We went over to were Larry was staying to play on the courts at Sunflower. As you can see they are very nice courts. We played for 3 1/2 hours Tues. and it felt soooo good.

Karen, Nancy, Keith and Harry. You couldn't ask for a better host and hostess than Nancy and Wayne...they really made us feel at home this whole week. They gave us the 25 cent tour since we didn't have time for the 50 cent tour. But we jammed an awful lot into the time that we had.

Can you tell I really loved this outdoor living? I took enough photos!

You never get cold sitting outside since they have 4 heaters to use IF necessary.

Behind Keith is the two story AZ room where there is a washer/dryer, refrig./freezer, bathroom/shower and...when they pack up to leave for Montana,,,,all the furniture goes inside.. Pretty neat!

The very first night we were invited to go to pizza with 2 other couples...but as we learned very quickly, things GROW around here...

Wayne and Nancy - Aren't they cute? and to the right is Jettye and Bob .

When the WORD gets out that someone is doing something....Everyone wants to join in!...We kept adding tables and it was so neat to meet NEW FRIENDS! They ALL play pickleball.

It was just a GREAT WEEK...thanks everybody! Hope to see you ALL on the east coast!

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