Friday, March 19, 2010

March 17, 2010 - Last ride thru the Red Rock Canyons

Harry and Karen were leaving in a few days so we decided to take a last drive to explore this beautiful area. First we stopped at the Chinese Rest. in Cottonwood for a late lunch... Continued up 89A toward Sedona. We saw a dirt road off to the left and decided to see where it went. It looked like it was headed for these mountains.

We drove for about 8 miles. All of a sudden we were passed by one "Pink" Tour Jeep after another. The Pink Tours come out of Sedona at $45. and up per person. Harry turned out to be our Pink Jeep Driver Ha. It was bumpy and dusty, but oh so much fun. Karen and I took so many photos... Here are just a few of what I took...

Now you can see some of the red clay dirt roads.

This is FAY Canyon....that's Fay WITHOUT an E...

You can't see the holes in the roads...but they are there!

It was a perfect day. And we got to see the back side of Sedona. So sad to leave this area.

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