Friday, March 5, 2010

Wed 2/17/2010 - Seven Sacred Ponds

You have to know a "local" to be able to hike to the Seven Sacred Ponds. If you take one of the Jeep tours they will take you there. We had BARB!!!! She even shared one of her walking sticks with we went up and over and around and thru...Ha.Ha...Well, it took about 30 min. to hike back to the ponds.
We came upon this sink hole along the way...

Keith was just fascinated with this sink hole... It was huge.!!

The layers of rock were so colorful.

And this is what is right on top of the sink hole...wonder when this is going to fall?

And Barb just kept going!...So we followed.

And finally - the Seven Sacred Ponds..

These ponds always have water in them.. The Indians named these ponds...and considered them sacred because they always had water....

The beautiful paths that lead us back out to where Bob was waiting for us.

The Seven Sacred Ponds at another view.

My last photo leaving this area.... The sun was slowly going down and it was starting to get cooler.
Remember I said we left Tempe at 8:45 a.m... Well, at 8:45 p.m. we arrived back in Tempe... What a great experience thanks to Barb and Bob. We will never forget this time tog. :)

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