Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feb.17, 2010 -Village of Oak Creek

As Bob, Barb, Keith and I drove to the Village of Oak Creek and I saw ALL THE RED is breathtaking!...All I wanted to do was take more and more pictures.
Driving into town you know that this is a very up scale area....

O.K. so I had to add this sign...just reminded me of my brother, Jack...:)

This is Bell Rock Vista and Pathway... we stopped here so I could take more photos.:)

The next photos will show the Chapel...

Yes, this is the Chapel in the rock... it is so impressive.. What I didn't know at the time was that we'd be driving around to the back and up to this structure.

When you're standing at the back of the Chapel there are many views of rocks and some of them have names like this Mother holding her Child...and if you can see the right is a very small boys head..but it really looks like he's fishing...I just couldn't get it so you can see:(

This is Eagle Rock.

From the front of the cross as you look down, this is a house being built...more like a castle!

And a view from another side of the cross.

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