Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan.7th - Yalaha Bakery & Deli

Got a call from Bernie and Paul, our friends who live in the Villages in Florida, asking if we'd like to meet them for lunch in Yalaha, Florida. It was a half way point for both of us. Now listen up!!!! This is a REAL the address is 8210 County Road 48, Yalaha, Fl. If you're in the area of Orlando/Clermont....and you want a really great lunch at a deli with a dynamite bakery, this is the place.
It was a sunny day, warm, about 60's - A real break from the cold nights and only 50's days. We drove north and in about 30 min. or so we were way out in the country. All of a sudden ....this is what we saw. It felt like we were in Germany. Just breathtaking!

Got out of the car and walked in thru these doors.

Bernie and Paul were waiting at a little corner table. It was so good to see them again. Oh, and this is the menu above. Plus, there is a soup of the day which of course Keith and I shared. Leek and Potato Soup..mmmmmm

I guess we arrived at 12:30 and closed the place at 3. I don't think the 4 of us would ever run out of things to talk about. Paul and Bernie will be stopping by to visit with us in Pa. on their way to New England in Sept. It's so NICE to have another CHEF in the house!

By 3 when I took this shot, the bakery was emptying out. I think there's enough mouth watering desserts for you to see.

Keith did the purchasing of the bread. We both enjoy all kinds of breads so this was like a candy store for us.

While Keith was busy in the bakery area...I ordered our food. I know one thing....we WILL come here again...and I hope if anyone does go to Yalaha Bakery you'll let us know how you liked it.

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