Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday - Jan. 17th - Carl & Kathryn

We met Kathryn and Carl in Orlando about 5 years ago...became good friends thru our love of VW's:) Last year they came to Hershey and we got tog. So, here we are in Conroe visiting them and they are treating us so very good. Picked us up for church at 10...then to the chinese buffet for lunch after driving us all around the town.:)
Just inside their church is this fountain...and although it wasn't running, it's just beautiful.

This is the front of their church....Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We really enjoyed the service.

Every member has a cross on this wall.

After church we went to the Sam Houston Statue ...inside the information building was this stained glass flag of Texas.

Yes, Keith and Kathryn are at the very bottom of this photo....Just to let you know how LARGE this statue is.

Again the information we received from the visitor center was wonderful and the lady was so kind and helpful..

They took us to the OLD Huntsville Prison and by the New Prison ....and to the Prison Museum.

And here we are in a jail cell...!!! Let me out of here!!!! By 6:30 p.m. we were back at the RV after a long, but wonderful day with Kathryn and Carl. We wouldn't have seen nearly as much without them.:)

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