Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thurs. Jan. 21st - PICKLEBALL!!!!

FINALLY the temps. are in the 70's - The TEXANS are saying that WINTER is OVER!! I hope they're right.
We were able to play for 2-3 hours the last two mornings. AND as ALWAYS have made new friends on the court and have run into some old friends from Florida. Here's Keith and Bill - a new friend and good player.
Bill just gets so excited..:)

This is Mel..another new friend. The sad thing about this park is..they have 2 BEAUTIFUL tennis courts that are NEVER used...and then there's these 2 pickleball courts with only one net and are in need of repair. They say they're getting the paint and will be painted...and that a net has been ordered. We are told not to hold our breathe:( Oh well...

For those who play P-ball...just look at all the lines!!! Who can remember which lines are the "kitchen" lines or the back lines.? It truly was a challenge to keep your eyes on the right lines. Linda and Will are in the far court....more new friends.

Mell on the left and Morgan on the right. Wayne showed up after I left with the camers:( We met them in FL.
Wayne and Morgan are good players.:) Here again...can you see the two lines for the back court!!@#$$$!!

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