Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan. 6th - New Carpet for the RV

The weather in Florida has been the coldest we've ever experienced... Low's have been in the 20's with real feel temps. in the teens. We were shopping at Lowe's and found this carpet and decided it would not only make the RV look more homey, but keep our place warmer. We just can't believe the difference it's made. The larger carpet is 5X8 and the runner is 30"X8'.. We only wanted 5X7 and a 6ft. runner, but hey, you take what they have!
I know you all can't see the blinds in this photo...but one of our "day/night" shades was not straight...was very hard to move. We invited our good friend Carlton over to take a look at it as we had heard him talk about how they can be fixed. Sure enough, in just a few turns of the screw driver and then the was good as new.
Once again, good to have friends to help out.

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