Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wed. Jan. 13th - Gulf Shores

Another very cold morning...our water supply from the park pipes froze. Keith took care of that with some hot water and the sun did the rest. We were back in business with water by 8:30 a.m. We decided to drive down to the Gulf Shores for the day.
The outdoor pool which of course we didn't use was so pleasant to look at here at the park.
The indoor pool and hot tub. We used the hot tub our first night here..felt great.

The fire pit down by the river.

The beach down by the Styx River. We could only imagine how much this would be used in the summer.It was just a short walk from our camp site.
Another shot of the was really movin' along.

The oranges were just so sweet and delicious....we were so glad we stopped and gave them a try. What a deal!!!

The white sand beaches are just so beautiful, but more beautiful in warmer weather!

The trees looked like they were just snapped off.....this was from the hurricane several years ago. The sky seems to be almost as blue as the paint on this tower.

Flags are placed every couple hundred feet with one of the colors on this sign... Today is was yellow. The State Park was amazingly full of RV's... We drove all thru the Park area...very interesting.

Even tho it was cold we just had to walk the beach ....IF only it was warmer:)

Even tho we didn't eat at this diner....we just had to include it in the blog... At first look you really thought that the diner was crashed by a train...

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