Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday - Jan. 15th - New Orleans

Off we went to venture over the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway - (25 miles long) into New Orleans.It was overcast and windy.
After we parked and found a place to get more maps...our first business was to find the Cafe DeMonde for the all famous benyets (sp)...with hot choc. It was about 40 degrees or this sounded and looked just perfect.

I'm in 4 layers of clothing...and now I have lots of white powdered sugar all over the front of me...but WHO CARES....these are SO GOOD.. Just what the two of us needed for a mid morning snack. This is a slow time and with the cold it was not very busy...we were seated within a few min. I can only imagine how busy it is when the weather is favorable.

The Siverman - street dancer... There's just so much to see inside and out..

This is the ceiling of the St. Louis Cathedral. We took many many photos. Everywhere you looked it was more beautiful.

St. Louis Cathedral from outside in the courtyard... Can you see Keith peeking through the palms?

The statue of Andrew Jackson in the middle of the square.

It was so cold that none of the boats were running....and even tho the ferry was was just too cold to make that ride.:(

Keith and I really wanted some GOOD seafood for dinner... many places were closed...we just kept walking and looking...When we got to the end of the River Walk...Sure enough, there was good old Harrah's Casino...and we all know that casinos always have good buffets.. Beings it was was the seafood buffet... Plus we couldn't beat the price.! $9.99 for all the seafood we wanted..Ha. After our long dinner...we took the trolly back to the parking lot and made our way back to the RV...after sitting in traffic for 45 min.. Thank goodness for our GPS or we NEVER would have found our way in or out of New Orleans. There is so much construction and closed streets and one way streets...Well, we just needed our "RITA" (our name for our GPS)

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