Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. 14th - Moving West

Left Alabama and drove to's just a few shots of what we saw on the way.

This is the view from the hot's just so relaxing and after a days drive and a beer tour....we needed this.

The hot tub is outside and heated to about 103 degrees.. We enjoyed it the afternoon we arrived. FEFT GREAT. Now, I don't have a photo of it...but, we saw that the local Abita Springs Brewery had tours on Wed.- Fri. at 2 p.m. We only had 10 min. to get there, but found it was only 3 miles away...just made it in time for the tour and it was well worth the trip. A neat company...learned all about it...and Keith had at least 3 glasses of beer. They let you go behind the bar and help yourself to any of their taps...about a doz. AND I got to enjoy the root beer they make.mmmmm The funny thing is...Keith hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast and so he was feeling NO PAIN... It was a good time:)

We arrived at Abita Springs LA and this is the Abita Springs RV Resort in Robertsdale. Our site was large - on stone. It's an RPI resort and we would recommend it to other members. Got TONS of information from the office about what to do in this area... Many bike and hiking trails...But we were interested in the Causeway into New Orleans. She gave us maps and so much more and we were so thankful.

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