Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan. 12th - Robertsdale, Alabama

O.K. I got all this wrong so please go to the bottom of Jan. 12th and work your way up!!! sorry:)
Foley Alabama is about 30 miles south of our Campground; Styx River RV Park which is an ROD for you campers. It's an older park but very neat and clean...Keith and I used the hot tub tonight ....the indoor pool was too cold for us. Anyway...back to Foley. After parking the RV and getting set up, we were very hungry as it was getting on to 1:30. So we drove to Lamberts' the home of the THROW THE ROLLS!
It's hard to describe Lambert's, except you will not come out hungry! We highly recommend this place to everyone...it was on the Diners, Driveins and Dives. It's even better seeing it in person. We brought home enough food for another meal.

In the summer there's a 4 hour wait to get into Lambert's....they don't take reservations. Outside there are plenty of "toys" for the kids to keep busy until it's their turn to go in. Oh, and they only take CASH or CHECKS

As soon as we walked in the rest. they threw us hot rolls...yes, they throw the rolls.!!! They are sooooo good...and huge.

Our waitress was so cool...she gave us a complimentary book about the Lambert family and a complimentary dessert to take along home... We were so stuffed.

We stopped at the visitors center in Alabama and picked up all the brochures we needed to keep us busy for the next 2 days:)

Crossing the Pensacola Bay Bridge....leaving Florida and arriving in Alabama. This was such a beautiful sight...wish you all could have seen it with us:)

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