Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tues; Jan. 19th - Go - Go - Go...Day!!!

At 7:30 a.m. we were on our way to Strouhal Tire to have the front end aligned. They could not have nicer and we were so happy with the service we got. The front end was fine..but the toe-in was off slightly. Keith now has piece of mind see when we first got to the campground we had the front end up on some blocks so I could level the RV... he was very unhappy with how the one tire looked.. At any's fine now.
We would highly recommend Strouhal Tire if you're in the Conroe area and need service. The address is: 11120 North Hwy 75, Willis, TX phone 936-856-2812. We were on our way by 8:15 a.m:)

Next Keith was to call Carl and the two of them proceeded to change the oil int he RV. What a good friend Carl was to help Keith out:) Now that's done too! Another project crossed off the list.

This is a better camp site than the one we has at first... Must happier

If you've not been to Conroe...these are the pull thru sites and IF you can believe it...another RV would be able to park right next to us.. You can open your windows and knock on the RV next door! It's great if no one parks next to you...then you have plenty of space.

I took a picture of these horses for John....hope he enjoys them. They were right next to our late lunch destination...

The CHEESECAKE celebrate our 41st anniversary with Carl and Kathryn...their anniv. is th 25th..:)

This is the view that greets you just inside the doors.

Don't they just look yummy?

They escorted us by this long bar...oh the colors were just beautiful with the sun shining in from behind the bottles.

Sorry these photos didn't come out better but the lighting was just not right... It took us quite awhile to decide on what we were going to have...EVERYTHING looked good.!

Keith did his best to get some photos, but like I can see the glare from the sun. But we're not complaining about having the sun shine!no no no.... Temp. was about 66 and it felt great.

As most of you know,..Keith just LOVES crusty breads... they kept bringing these baskets to please us all...

I ordered the LUNCH SIZE portiion *(if you can beleive this) of bbq ranch chicken salad. Topped with onion rings that were the best I've ever had.

Keith and Kathryn ordered the Cobb lunch size salad:)

Carl ordered the sheperds pie - lunch size portion! Ha.

For dessert, Kathryn and Carl ordered the white choc. raspberry cheesecake to SHARE....

And Keith and I ordered the Coconut Creme - Coconut Cheesecake with Coconut Custard and Choc. Coconut Crust....TO DIE FOR!!! Oh MY GOSH!!! mmmmmmm

Carl drove us all over Conroe and around Lake Conroe... It goes on forever...looks more like the oce

And as the sun was setting in the west...we drove by this boat dock...brought back great memories of all the times we took Dad's boat out to Blue Marsh Lake in PA... We sure had some good times out there with the whole family.

When we get back home...or someone with a lap top can show these to Dad...I know he'll enjoy them:)

We went back to Carl and Kathryn's to sit and show photos and laughed at all the stories that were told ....If you run into Kathryn - ask her about going to her Aunts house and eating choc. cake!! It's a HOOT..

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