Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wed; Jan. 29th - Dinner and MX Train!

Drove over to Carl and Kathryn's to enjoy an evening together. Keith took the left-over pot roast and made it into a delicious stew while Kathryn and I looked at the maps and shared recipes etc. She really liked having the supper made for us:) Carl did too...he said we could move in for awhile:) The meal was so good.
After dinner we played more MX train. I won again and keith came in second...WISH we were playing for $$ Ha. Can you see how Keith's getting into mixing these dominos? Look at those eyes!!!

Kathryn and Carl never had our we surprised them with a bottle and the creme for their anniversary.
Cheers! Now Kathryn is hooked on this drink too...just like Judy!!! We had to give the recipe and a van. bean so they could make their own once we're gone!

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