Friday, January 29, 2010

Monday Jan. 25th - From Austin to Fabens TX

At 3:30 a.m. we left Austin - and down the road we went...and went...and seemed like forever.
The sun came out and even tho it was very was so beautiful...everywhere we looked..just beautiful.

AND. finally there was the sign for Fabens. Friends Pam and Joe told us about the Cattleman's Steak House in Fabens..and we just had to go there. So, we got off exit 49 and headed north into the desert for 5 miles...There is NOTHING and then you see it...The ranch! It is so just can't believe your eyes. There were 3 we just sat in the RV trying to decide which way to go...when...there was a jeep with a very nice smiling fellow. Asked if we were there for the night..we shook our heads yes ..with that...he said follow me.
We drove thru the first wrought iron gate and went up one level...then another..and finally another. That's where they park the RV's for the night. As long as you eat there you can park there free. No hook ups tho. It was about 1 p.m.

We were the only RV there on this Monday night.. This is their off time right now. It was very quiet and Keith and I were just happy to be parked after a long day of driving. Time for showers! The restaurant opens at 5.

This is the menu.. Something for everyone.

Now that we were all cleaned up...we decided to walk around the grounds... AND call home!

This place is just undiscribable. So IF you ever get the chance...take exit 49!

Keith and I just enjoyed the dinner so much we're thinking about stopping back on the way home...we'll see.

As the sun set we were eating our homemade ice cream for dessert. What a wonderful experience! A memory we'll have forever. :) When the sun went down it got very cold...I think it was 32 in the morning...glad for our furnace!... Would love to see this place in the spring or summer.

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